SupplHi is the digital ecosystem for industrial equipment and services. It is a Tech Company designed around system integration and development of information technology carried out by our internal resources and the expertise of our category management team.

Our core philosophy is people over process. Our approach aims at keeping our Team united, flexible, and creative, while making work at SupplHi more stimulating and satisfying.

Choosing SupplHi means:

  • Finding a job you are passionate about
  • Increasing your skills
  • Bringing leading innovation to the industrial world
  • Building digital tools the industrial world needs
  • Working with method following a well-defined roadmap
  • Interacting with clients from all around the globe
  • Gaining access to some of the latest technologies (Cloud AWS, Angular, Micro Services, Spring Boot, Swagger,…)

Here, we embrace diversity by seeking it out and inviting it in, developing a multi-cultural team able to serve the demands of a truly global market.


At SupplHi we value passion, integrity, competence, respect, and collaboration and we offer the opportunity to grow fast, to all people who demonstrate adaptability, flexibility and a strong sense of initiative.

There are two main career paths within SupplHi:

Information Technology

The Information Technology Team at SupplHi provides design, development assistance and maintenance to all IT systems (platform, digital services, …). The main responsibilities covered are the following:

  • Continuously develop the IT infrastructure and functionalities
  • Solve system and application problems
  • Run diagnostics on faulty hardware or software
  • Find and apply solutions for bugs reported by the team of analysts or external users
  • Perform routine maintenance and security checks on all systems
  • Continuously improve UX
  • Research new technologies and develop prototypes
  • Design the architecture of new IT modules
  • Define the data model of new modules

Category Management

The Market Analyst is an increasingly required position, as it has become a fundamental role in analyzing increasingly large and complex data. In particular, this type of resource will:

  • Carry out research on the main companies in the industrial sectors covered by SupplHi
  • Search, collect and analyze business data for both internal use and clients
  • Identify potential markets and competitors for clients and for SupplHi internally
  • Prepare reports and create content on the latest market trends

Collect feedback from users and share it in a structured manner with the IT Team.


The key roles that characterize SupplHi’s main career paths are as follows.

Within the Information Technology path:

  • Junior IT Developer
  • Senior IT Developer
  • Lead Developer / Architect
  • Project Manager / Product Manager

Here all employees have the opportunity to potentially level up every 1-2 years.

Within the Category Management growth path:

  • Market Analyst
  • Category Lead
  • Category Manager
  • Buyer Solution Manager

Here too the most deserving employees will be able to level up every 1-2 years. Regardless of your career path, if you have a positive and proactive attitude, you will have the opportunity to grow quickly thanks to a young and dynamic environment.


Anyone can easily access our selection process, which consists of three steps:

  1. Apply: match your skills and interests to our open job positions. Your CV is the first piece of information we’ll see about you, so highlight your achievements.
  2. Interview: if your CV is in line with our requirements, you will be contacted for the selection process. In particular, we will carry out a brief cognitive telephone interview, in order to check if the interests of both sides are aligned.
    • During the phone interview, you’ll speak with a Senior or Managerial role resource. For all roles, the phone discussion will last between 30 and 45 minutes. Be prepared for behavioral, hypothetical, or case-based questions that cover your role-related knowledge.
    • You will be asked an open-ended question.
    • If the telephone interview turns out to be positive, we will proceed with a further interview, this time in person.
  3. Final step: after your interviews are done, our company will review your full candidacy package, which includes your interview feedback, your resume, references, and any work samples you submitted.


Category Lead

Maintain and create new relationships with vendors and understand the market competition

Category Analyst

Transform data into information and information into insights

Back End Developer

Develop new functionalities to continuously innovate our value proposition to clients

Web Designer and Brand Ambassador

Interpret our clients’ needs and design solutions with high visual impact

Digital Communication Analyst

Promote new cutting-edge digital tools in a traditional B2B industry

Front End Developer

Translate our company’s and customer’s needs into highly functional interfaces