New functionality: select your preferred Vendor Passport Assessor

The Vendor Passport TM (VP) – jointly developed by SupplHi and Lloyd’s Register – is the standard assessment of a vendor’s ability to deliver critical equipment and services. It also involves an assessment visit at the vendor’s premises(manufacturing plant, offices, …) and in carrying the visit out the role of the Assessor is fundamental.

A new functionality has been released on the SupplHi digital ecosystem. By leveraging on our network, you may now select the best Assessor for the delivery of your Vendor Passport, according to your specific needs.

The Assessors are senior and experienced professionals with the specific detailed knowledge of one or more of the SupplHi categories of products and/or services. Additionally, assessors are required to have knowledge of the main or key processes necessary to deliver the product or service. The Vendor Passport Assessors are specifically trained for the VP Assessment, and they collaborate with a Global Category Expert (GCE) for the VP’s finalization.

The selection process of Assessors for the VP is rigorously based on 5 steps:

1. Assessors are – in first instance – selected by Lloyd’s Register from their workforce of 680 multi-discipline exclusive inspectors and 3,000 multi-discipline non-exclusive inspectors across 247 locations in 186 countries;

2. Potential VP Assessors are then long listed among senior experienced personnel with the specific detailed knowledge of one or more of the SupplHi categories of products and/or services. Assessors also require knowledge of the main or key processes necessary to deliver the product or service involved.

3. The assessors are specifically trained for the Vendor Passport (a dedicated module is present), interviewed and examined by a Global Vendor Passport Technical Manager and qualified via the LR Technical Competence process. All activities follow a dedicated internal Vendor Passport Procedure, which is available to the Buyers. Assessors will also collaborate with a ”Global Category Reviewer” for the VP’s finalization;

4. The CVs of the enabled Assessors in the target geography with the right expertise for the categories of products and/or services at hand are screened also based on their availability at the time of the assessment;

5. The CVs of the potential Assessors for the Vendor Passport can be selected online by Buyers, communicating their preference for the specific assignment.

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