Vendor Registration

16,000+ vendors from 110+ countries at global level in the 2,250 Categories of the SupplHi Standard Categorization, covering all the needs of industrial plant engineering. As a Registered Vendor on the platform, you receive RFIs issued by the Buyers, as well as public Tenders collected by the SupplHi Team on a global level from 200+ sources.

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Vendor Passport

The assessment of the “ability to deliver” complex goods and services, also leveraging on the Assessment visit of the plant. It involves all aspects of a company’s operations including: facilities, equipment, tools, competences, roles, internal processes, procedures and sub-contractors, based on a proven track record. Vendors increase their qualified commercial reach at a global level while Buyers strongly reduce their assessment costs and enlarge their vendor base.

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Act as a Buyer

Access more constantly updated information on existing and new vendors to manage your local and global vendor base, and free up time of your senior resources while reducing costs. Not only large Buyer organizations (End-Users, EPC Contractors, System Integrators), but also manufacturers and service providers leverage on SupplHi to find their components manufacturers and sub-contractors.

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Projects Database

The market intelligence tool that provides all the key info on Projects you need for Sales, Marketing and Business Development purposes. The Database is constantly updated and currently includes 5,000+ ongoing and planned projects across all segments of the Oil&Gas industry on a global level. Each project has an indication of the probability of moving forward and of the incidence of your supplies in each project.

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Tailor Made Services

Custom, focused and pragmatic consulting services including, but not limited to: review of internal Goods & Services Categorization, sectoral market studies, commercial plans, scouting of suppliers and competitors, Procurement Data analysis, and more.

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1. Heat Transfer Equipment and Vessels
2. Heating Equipment and Systems
3. Packages
4. Handling Systems
6. Control Systems and Instrumentation
7. Telecommunications
9. Compressors
10. Turbines
11. Piping, Fittings and Flanges
12. Civil and Structural Materials
13. Electrical Components and Systems
14. Engines, Motors, Generators and Drives
15. Safety Systems, Equipment and Clothing
16. Machine Tools
17. Raw Materials
18. Manufacturing Works
19. Shipbuilding
20. Subsea Equipment
21. Components and Systems for Vessels
22. Components and Systems for Offshore Activities
23. Marine and Diving Equipment and Services
24. Marine Contracting and Installation
25. Exploration
26. Reservoir Management
27. Drilling Services
28. Drilling Equipment and Materials
29. Well Completion
30. Engineering Services
31. Engineering, Procurement and Construction
32. Construction and Civil Works
33. Fabrication
34. Painting, Coating, Insulation and Sound Proofing
35. Site Services
36. Testing and Analysis
37. Operations and Maintenance
38. Chemicals, Catalysts, Reagents and Fuels
39. Workshops and Laboratories Tools
40. Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation
41. IT and Digital
42. Logistics
43. Professional Services
44. Facility Management
45. General Services


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